Know Your Limits ... But Don't Give Up

One of the most important lessons for 24 Hour Comics Day is ... well, I want to say "Don't Give Up" straight off but I can't.

It's "Know Your Limits".

Need a bathroom break? Go. Hungry? Eat something. Wrists hurting? For the love of all your tendons, take a break (and some ibuprofen, or do stretches, or a hot/cold contrast bath ... seriously. RSI is no fun and it can knock you out of commission for six to nine months at a time ... and I'm speaking from experience).

But if while respecting your limits ... you have to recognize when your brain's just meesin' with ya, and push through it.

Your mind and body don't really want to be up for 24 hour straight ... so there are points when you'll want to quit. Points where you want to cut corners you really shouldn't ... even in the context of 24 Hour Comic Day. Points where you'll never want to do it again.

The thing to do is recognize when your brain's asking you to quit, not because you HAVE to, but because it WANTS to. And push through that to Get. It. Done. If you're making sure you're (a) hydrated (b) fed (c) take reasonable short breaks and (d) stretch your hands, legs and mind at least once every page or so ... then you can know in your heart that you don't NEED to quit and can push through to the end. Through to 24 pages. Through to your very own completed comic.

Remember, it's better to be done!

-the Centaur