New! 24 Hour Comic Day Survival Guide Soon to be Released!

The 2013 24 Hour Comic Day event is fast approaching and we here at Blitz Comics have been working hard to get you the best resources. Read more about our latest Survival Kit..

We've revisited our Survival Kit and decided to trim and lighten it for this time around. We've even went so far as to recognize that the kit was actually 2-Kits-in-One. So we separated them. Now each packet is tighter, more focused, and much easier to understand and use.

AND we've renamed it to: The Survival Guide

We are currently getting the new Survival Guide reviewed by the great people over at ComicPRO (official governing body for 24 Hour Comics Day) and once they approve it, we will launch it here. You'll also get a copy in your host Venue Packets. We are very proud to bring you our best every year. We hope you use it, love it, and SUCCEED! Remember, It's Better to be Done!

The Comic Creator Kit will be released in November. Register with us to get details as they become available.

Nathan Vargas - co-founder of Blitz Comics