Words of Warning from an Old Pro

Nat Gertler1 . who organized one of the very first 24 Hour Comics Days2, has pointed out in his Twitter feed that you should "beware anyone trying to sell you on their way of doing a 24 Hour Comic. You should do what works for you, not for them."

Well, speaking as people trying to help people do 24 Hour Comics ... we have to agree. The advice we've been putting together has been to try to help US tackle 24 Hour Comics Day and we hope it will be useful to you ... but it's still an open challenge as to whether we're going to succeed this time. If we don't, we're going to tweak our advice and try again.

Or, if you found something that worked for you or not for us, our entire 24 Hour Comics kit is released under the Creative Commons, so feel free to tweak it (with attribution) and share and share alike.

However, the very best thing that you can do to tackle 24 Hour Comics Day is just do comics. And we don't mean only on 24 Hour Comics Day - the very best thing you can do to is put pen to the page every opportunity you can to build up your speed and skill, and then tackle the page with gusto on the day of.

No piece of advice from us will take the place of your own action. So go to it!

-the Centaur