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The purpose of this website is to provide you with tools that can help you grow as a comic book creator. You aren't here because you want to keep struggling to do the thing you love. You're here to build on your inner creativity, your desire to express yourself, and to be happier with your results! This website can definitely help you accomplish all that and even more!

The tools you'll find here are designed to be simple, intuitive and effective. These tools are structured to get you started quickly with your story, art, plotlines (and more), as painlessly as possible.

"It's Better to Be Done!
Hands Nathan Vargas
& Anthony Francis

Tackling the next 24HCD Survival Guide v3.6

Well, it may not be 4.0 of BLitz Comics (yet) itself but we're talking about version 3.6 of the 24HCD Survival Guide and whatever else we can do to help comics creators who are blocked transition to DONE! We plan on overhauling the site, updating the Survival Guide, creating more events, and reformatting the event so we don't need to both spend 4 weeks preparing for a 4 hour boot camp. Onward is closer to DONE! -the Centaur

Know Your Limits ... But Don't Give Up

One of the most important lessons for 24 Hour Comics Day is ... well, I want to say "Don't Give Up" straight off but I can't.

It's "Know Your Limits".

Need a bathroom break? Go. Hungry? Eat something. Wrists hurting? For the love of all your tendons, take a break (and some ibuprofen, or do stretches, or a hot/cold contrast bath ... seriously. RSI is no fun and it can knock you out of commission for six to nine months at a time ... and I'm speaking from experience).

But if while respecting your limits ... you have to recognize when your brain's just meesin' with ya, and push through it.


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